Friday, May 11, 2012

Fark's Anti Atheism Slant

It's annoying and comically hypocritical. It also appears a shit ton in the site's geek section. Fark has to make sure these moronic, golden mean fallacies constantly reach us by green-lighting any semblance of an article that's anti atheism. The last one was about two paragraphs long and had the journalistic quality of a Facebook update. But we need to know that being an atheist is wrong, and it's just as bad as being a religious extremist. You know, the type who picket funerals and fight to deny people basic rights.

But that's not all. No, I have to constantly be profiled and categorized for not having a belief in a god. I will grant that it's anomalous but so is not liking sports. However, you can only presume a tiny bit about me from that information. And that tiny bit is largely irrelevant to my personality. But you're perfectly fine with making sweeping generalizations about people because some asshole annoyed you before ... on the Internet!

And you know what? I always hear that atheists start all these arguments about religion, on sites like YouTube. And it just so happens that I recently encountered one of them. But this time, I went back and found what comment started it all: It was a Christian quoting the bible and claiming god created the universe. And when he was initially told to take his religious arguments somewhere more appropriate, he spammed harder until he eventually found an idiot to argue with him.

Just stop this passive aggressive bullshit. I'm not solipsistic, and you're not being Switzerland here by trying to redefine atheism as a religion and religion as a pejorative. In fact, I really don't know what your angle is; it makes no "farking" sense. If you want to step up and argue your agnosticism or Christianity with me, then just do it. But you're doing the very same thing you're constantly bitching about. And you're not above anyone by playing the relativist.

Note: I don't comment on Fark or fall into the trap of thinking any of these sites, or their users, will have honest / serious discussions about these topics. I know it's all ultimately about the hits and the publicity. I also know that most people would rather struggle to make horribly unfunny posts than actually engage a subject.

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