Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where are All the Avatar Fanboys Now and Avatar 2

It's been well over two years, and I don't see them anymore. Maybe, they never really existed. We've all ranted about the horrible writing, video-game-cut-scene par CG, and the appropriation of a beloved, popular Nickelodeon show's title. Also, it sadly ushered in a new, annoying 3D trend. It captivated the hearts of shallow morons everywhere. James Cameron talked down to his audience, and they showered him with riches. It, even, became a social stigma to not watch or like the movie; it was completely ridiculous. And two years later, it's vanished off the radar like every other shitty movie before it.

Sure, I've seen the video of people LARPing in Avatar costumes. I still see DVDs and blue rays advertised in Best Buy (on sale). But where are the people who claimed this was the greatest movie of all time? The same people who cited the box office numbers and world popularity and were convinced of their own bullshit. Did all the Avatar-depressed commit mass suicide? Were the sensationalist headlines of "Avatar Takes Over World" a bit premature?

Well, James Cameron is not going to take your new found boredom with his work laying down. And yes, I don't think people ever came to their senses; it's only general apathy. If anything, people are becoming more obsessed with their own inanity, triviality, and solely living in the moment: Thanks Facebook and Twitter! James hasn't just planned Avatar 2 but Avatar 3. An entire Avatar trilogy, oh joy!

I can see it now: The masses slathered in blue grease paint, dressed in loin cloths, and lined up for blocks awaiting the midnight release. Then, after the show, they can get the new Navi Burger® from Mcdonalds! And don't worry, the American pharmaceutical industries have developed a new cure for Avatar related depression and anxiety; it's called reading a fucking book (Twilight still doesn't count)! Unfortunately, there is still no cure for being an illiterate tool — so, we're all doomed.

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