Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back to the Future II: Nike Mag Shoes!

I'm, totally, not late to this story — just late writing it. I remember first seeing this shoe in the movie. And along with everyone else, I wanted it. Of course, we all wanted hover-boards. So, some of the minor stuff not existing was a tad more forgivable. But huzzah! We finally have something, or do we? I got sick of waiting for the future that never was, during high school. This lead me to wear space pants and ridiculous clothing for some time. Sure, maybe I was "peacocking." But, honestly, I wanted that world. And I still want it, right meow!

For me, this is a giant tease by Nike. It's all for a charity auction with proceeds going to the Michael J Fox foundation. Ergo, most of us will not only fail to acquire them but rarely, if ever, see them on the streets, period. The drooling masses will call the shoe ugly and put the ki-bosh on any plans for a real production line.

In the end, all we'll have is our old memories and the horrible acting of Kevin Durant. Oh, and don't look at the comments section of this. You'll see lots of idiots failing to get the Back to the Future references; it's just aggravating.

So, if you take a good look at this shoe and compare it with the other the original (, you'll find some cosmetic changes. But overall, it's true to the design.

It should be obvious, but the power lacing technology is not in the real one. Yes, I know someone on YouTube attached a servo to a shoe with a micro-controller and pressure sensor: Makeshift "power lacing." I'm sorry, but that shit was stupid. Really, I'm thinking electrically triggered polymeres (smart materials) that could remember desired elasticity. Now, that's heavy.

Honestly, I love this shoe and not only because it's from the movie: I genuinely like the look of it. I, also, like Steinberger's headless guitars and a lot of 90s art deco, in general. While I'm not obsessed enough to make my own pair, if you're listening Nike: If you build it, we will come — literally.


  1. Coming near the Nike shoes is frowned upon - that shit is expensive.

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