Sunday, September 18, 2011

Portal is Free on Steam!

So, as many know, Portal is free for a "few" days on Steam! And I can finally obtain some context with the game's funny end-credits' theme, "Still Alive." With that said, I'm not a complete Portal newbie. I've played it numerous times before and even went through the demo. As of now, I haven't beat it yet. But this promise of cake should be worth it ... . I didn't want to believe the internet. But in my heart of hearts, I knew the promises of a pleasant, praiseful, pastry were too good to be true. Yeah, I put off my writing and finally beat it; the cake really was a lie. </3

So, this was an interesting experience. I like video games where violence isn't in the forefront. I know it has a lot of black humor from its homicidal robotic antagonist, GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System). But hey, 4D puzzles are cool! Even though, I wanted to puke 75 percent of the time from Portal's centrifuge-test-esque game play. And on that note: If you get motion sickness from FPS games, then you will get really sick from this. It might not, honestly, be worth it.

It also reminded me of playing Deathkeep on 3DO, which I did actually vomit from. Sometimes a game is too fascinating to let a little thing like extreme discomfort get in your way from having a good time. OK, maybe I'm just a tad masochistic. But you get a fucking Einstein-Rosen bridge gun!

The puzzles in Portal are clever. I had fun solving them on every stage. And without making an appearance until the end, GLaDOS effectively has more personality than nearly every villain, from every game I've played, in the last decade. And yes, I'm partial to robots.

In conclusion, grab the Gravol and go bend you some spacetime continuum. Watch out for killer robots, though! But don't worry, Aperture's robotic engineers have yet to develop ones who are impervious to being taken out via a slight bump with a garbage barrel from behind.

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