Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Average Joe Versus A Beautiful Mind

There is a giant misconception, within the public, when it comes to being highly intelligent or a genius. It's this crazy idea that there is nothing different about them from a regular person. If anyone actually read my blog on introversion (The Science of Being an Introvert), I'd probably see less of this dumb shit. I'm not saying there aren't exceptions (Johnny Von Neumann); I'm saying, by and large, there are massive, obvious differences in the two mindsets.

Also, citing Einstein's sexual promiscuity doesn't prove your point. His best friend was a shut in, paranoid, antisocial hermit. He took refuge at the Institute for Advanced Study, instead of taking higher paying teaching jobs, to get away from you! But yeah, he was still a man with a penis. You know who else likes to get their freak on? Nearly every damn living thing that was created through meiosis!

Another thing I've noticed: People really seem to hate IQ. If it comes up, the conversation goes straight into absurdity or defense mode.
"Well, it can't measure creativity, and Stephen Hawking said bragging about it is for losers."
"It's a 'completely worthless' test of intellect."
Fine, people who brag about it are intelligent losers and may not be undiscovered Mozarts. But the common lament seems to be: They are smarter, but they aren't "smarter." Hey, I'm not the one saying this shit. When or if it comes up in conversation, the alpha males come out with their inflated chests and inanely esoteric challenges: "OMG, you got that answer wrong ... Einstein! (bro fives). The capital of Zimbabwe is (they Google it) Harare." If it's a big deal that a person is wrong, then it clearly doesn't happen too much. But I'm not saying an IQ is important information to have; It's just met with such animosity. Of course, when it's used to support an argument, it's probably a lie — since that's a very unintelligent thing to do.

The Top 10 Things You Don't Have in Common with Geniuses:
  1. You have little to no artistic ability in any field: You can't paint; you can't write, and you can't even play a Nirvana song on the guitar. You literally have nothing creative to offer the world. Thus, you obsess over daily mundane nonsense, yourself, and entertainment.
  2. You think education is only good for making more money: You have no interest in advancing your knowledge of the cosmos. You just want more buying and social power.
  3. You can't admit to being wrong: No, not you. You're always right — even when you're completely ignorant on the subject.
  4. You want what everyone else has and are extremely materialistic: Your happiness is largely defined by the things you own. Sadly, these things have nothing to do with discovery, creation, or imagination.
  5. Traditions are highly important to you: You're plugged into the matrix. What other people are doing and what they did before is the most important thing, ever! It's so important, that your life's happiness is dependent on replicating, to your best ability, what has already been done a million times.
  6. You party all the time! I said there were exceptions. But unless you have a photographic memory, you're probably not that exception.
  7. You believe in superstitious nonsense: Whether it's ghosts, psychics, or wild conspiracy theories, it's pretty safe to say that you won't need to prepare that acceptance speech for The Nobel Prize in Physics, anytime soon.
  8. You're obsessed with "reality" TV: Einstein used to complain about the masses reading too much fiction. This needs no elaboration.
  9. You only listen to shitty music: Everyone listens to some or a lot of crap. Subjectively, people can find reasons to like just about anything that's well produced. But if this sounds the same or "not as good" as this, you might not be a genius. OK, you're actually a fucking moron.
  10. Nothing is wrong: You think nothing is wrong with society or the world in general. This is the exact opposite of what every genius has ever thought. 


  1. "You can't admit to being wrong: No, not you. You're always right — even when you're completely ignorant on the subject."

  2. Wtf, you are just being overly cynical and judging. So what if everyones happy? Whatss wrong with that? Why do you have to put down our shows, mayb we just dont want to watch 4 hour boring dramas every day to be "smart". Go read a book or something faggot. Probably an atheist to.

  3. Quit hitting on my husband Dan, go back to craigslist where you belong!

  4. Bro Five! And yes, I had to google the capital of Zimbabwae, I'm obviously not a genius, but I play one on tv.