Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Twinkies Are Back ... Sort Of

A lot of people thought the new decade would be a Twinkieless one. A world where the little sponge cake snack didn't exist on store shelves. Personally, I didn't care too much. But I did think it wouldn't be long before their competitors emerged. And today, while hitting up the local Macs, I ran into one.

So I want to introduce you to Audrey's Patisserie Mini Cakes. These familiar looking snacks don't just look the part; they taste the part. Well, actually they're a lot better! It's a little bit fluffier, and the cream is richer. Now I don't know how long the company has actually been making these cakes, but I doubt I would have ever seen them had Hostess handled its business better.

The only major difference between these and Twinkies is that I wouldn't mind having another one of these!

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