Friday, July 12, 2013

On the Boycotting of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game Film

As a kid, Ender's Game was my favorite book. As an adult, I have no idea what I'd think of it. When I learned about his ideologies, I was fairly appalled and disappointed, too. But I'm not gay or very liberal, so I don't have a sense of being attacked by his bullshit. Of course, just leaving it at that would be far too easy, and I'm no fan of opinions involving little thought behind them.

It's fair to say he's a product of Mormonism, but it's unfair to use this as an excuse for zealotry. It's not like he was just policing his own people within the church. He, and his organization, had to go and try to influence our marriage laws. And that alone is above simply publishing some crappy essays on the subject. From every angle I look at this, the LGBT community have very good reasons to be very pissed off at him.

So let's not marginalize or downplay this issue because we're looking forward to the film and like his books. He needs to reap what he sowed. Also, I want to know why you feel like you're the person to apologize for him? Note: I use that word in the apologetics sense, not as in literally saying sorry.

I ask that because it's not up to fans of his work to convince others to forgive or support Orson Scott Card's career; it's up to him! And he's done next to nothing to rebuild that burned bridge. And if you're defending DC or the production studio behind Ender's Game, what have they done to smooth things over? The answer is less than you.

Now I don't believe for a second that boycotting this film will have any impact on the legalization of same sex marriage in other states, but in no way am I going to tell someone to sell out to see a movie. Do whatever you feel is right. Me, I'm going to probably wait for it to air on one of the movie channels as this film is coming out about 15 years too late to match up with my current interests.

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