Sunday, June 2, 2013

Who Will Play the 12th Doctor?

With Matt Smith regenerating out, during this year's Christmas special, a lot of people are speculating who will be the next doctor. There are several guys who I would be happy with, and keep in mind, Moffat is still in control here. So here is my list of potential guys.

David Tennant:

How about a degeneration? Sure, it's never happened before, but even it was only for a season, it would be amazing. He is the main reason I can't wait to see the 50th anniversary special. But maybe they were reminded of what they liked so much and made him an offer he couldn't refuse? And I know he's in Broadchurch right now, but they could still make it work.

Benedict Cumberbatch:

With two seasons of Sherlock done, we only have six episodes. And with Mofat at the helm of both, I doubt there would be any scheduling conflicts. He would definitely not play your campy funny doctor. It would be a different personality to a role that probably could use a bit of a freshening up.

John Cleese:

This is unlikely but would be amazing if even only for a season. Again, a completely different dynamic and personality to the doctor. Realistically, I think the filming would be too demanding on him nowadays and he's probably enjoying not being told what to do all the time.

Hugh Laurie:

Don't think he's a one trick pony because of House; he can play about any role you want, and him as the doctor would be amazing, but he'd probably command too much of the show's budget to make it work.

Robert Sheehan:

The kid has a lot of range and a great sense of comedic timing. I'm all into changing things up with Doctor Who, and having a younger, edgier doctor would be interesting for a season or two.

Peter Dinklage:

He's just about my favorite actor on television, and this choice would need no explanation!

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  1. Yes to all. :D Though it would be cool for the Doctor to be a woman for a change.