Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Sandy Hook Murders

It's the day after, and most people are left with more questions than answers. The usual suspects have crawled out of the woodwork to wage their wars on everything from psychiatric medications to video games. The introvert witch-hunt has begun, again. Poor journalism resulted in the libel and slander of an innocent man, whose own brother had just murdered his mother, and the word genius keeps popping up to describe that foul, soulless being from which Dante would have created a special circle in hell for.

The first thing I want to address are the insanity warning signs that "journalists" are trying to promote. Do you know who isn't in their senior class yearbook? Me! Although, you'd find a picture of me, alongside other kids, somewhere in the arts section. I had no interest in my graduation nor was I even remotely fond of my time at school. And the majority of my friends were either upperclassmen or underclassmen. For whatever reason, I barely got along with anyone in my class but made friends easily in others.

Anyways, if you'd ask any of my former classmates about me, they'd say I was a shy, weird loner, with no friends, who mostly kept to himself. It doesn't actually matter how many friends I had outside of school, either. If you're not in a known clique, you're a friendless weirdo with no life. So please stop trying to turn third person accounts of someone's social behaviors, during their teenage years, into the smoking gun for sociopathy! It's just ridiculous.

And knock it off with the genius comments. Any average kid can make the honor-roll or have a high GPA. Even the advanced courses are not designed for geniuses. Most courses are just designed for people with average IQs to do well in with only a modest effort. And in my experience, the advanced courses were just more redundant with increased workloads. All I know is some abomination crawled out from our worst nightmares, murdered its creator, and then went straight for our children, and you're obsessed with the damn thing's school grades. You know who's also not a genius? You!

Now last night I got to hear a mountain of stupid about video games and violence. I'm anti mindless, violent video games because of their tendency to turn people into hedonistic, illiterate douchebags. The entire phenomena reminds me of the tape from Infinite Jest. Anyways, I'm pretty sure a good deal of Africans aren't playing these games, and you can google how bad things get there. Then when it comes to video games training kids to be killers, would you be fine with sending a guy who's never fired a gun but played a lot of first person shooters to back up police officers during a drug raid or to help take down a terrorist cell in Afghanistan? Of course you wouldn't, so just let it go already.

Now on the subject of antidepressants: let's just say I have a long history with them. Some people do abuse them and horrible things can happen. You see, they don't work like alcohol. Increasing a dosage does not automatically equal increasing the overall effect. But people can be pretty dumb when they're desperate. And when they try to load up on it like they would on a more typical drug, it can give them the complete opposite effect of what they want.

But you have to remember, people are given these medications to help them normalize; they aren't even close to being alright from the start, and this horror is so far beyond any normal side effect, even with abusive dosage amounts, that the claim of antidepressants causing mass murders are unfounded, stupid, and ludicrous.

In the end, you will never get your answers. This sort of act is completely solipsistic and has no foundation in any sort of reason. To put it simply, this was the scorpion given a lift across the pond by the duck, and it finally demonstrated its nature. All I can give is my condolences to the surviving family and friends, and my thanks to the teachers and staff who selflessly acted to save as many children as they could. I can only hope someday all of you find some peace. But I know that a day will never go by where you won't miss them. For the ones we love are the real sunrise and set of our lives.

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