Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My "Darkest" Video Gaming Secrets

IGN posed the question to its readers, and some of the staff confessed some pretty lame "secrets." Since I take no pride in my video game "accomplishments," I don't mind sharing some of my follies and unpopular views.

I enjoyed Quest 64.

I like Final Fantasy VIII. Also, I don't care that you've watched a Spoony video and think it's the worst game ever. It was an insanely ambitious project, had some great characters, an amazing world, epic score, and groundbreaking graphics for the PS1. Also, I was a teenager when it came out — which was its target audience.

I played through Record of Lodoss War, on Dreamcast, solely to Michael Jackson's "You Rock My World" on repeat. 

I had a Turbo Graphix because my parents couldn't afford to get me a Super Nintendo. This made me the oddball out as nobody had ever heard of such classics as JJ and Jeff, Keith Courage, or Ninja Spirit. And BTW, Ninja Spirit is better than most SNES games that were ever made. And I did eventually get an SNES.

I like dance games. I was once addicted to DDR in the early 00s, and I've since moved on to Dance Central. It's something that should have absolutely no appeal to me, but it strangely does. And no, I can't actually dance.

I've never beaten Final Fantasy III (6 JPN). I've come really close and lost interest quite a few times. It's a good game, and I don't know what my issue is with it. But I don't think you can get me to care as I've already seen the ending multiple times.

I had to trade with myself to Catch all 151 Pokemon. 

I used to steal items in the original Phantasy Star Online. I would find people using rares and trick them into trusting me enough to use them in dangerous spots. I'd then wait until the tougher areas came around and let them get killed. As they'd beg for me to revive them, I'd steal their weapons and disconnect from the server. And yes, this did happen to me as well. Hate the game, not the player.

I've never beaten the original Super Mario Bros. And it's not for a lack of trying, either. It was the first game I ever played, in my life. It was also one of the most magical experiences I'll ever have. But even with warps, I still can't get past those later levels.

I once asked an old Asian man if he had seen the Phoenix Mirror; he didn't. :(

I tried to take back a copy of Slave Zero to my local Best Buy, on the grounds that it was a shitty game that made me puke.

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