Friday, August 5, 2011

Death "Threats" Towards Atheists

Them good ol' boys are at it again. I don't even care about the story behind this cross and ground zero; I do, however, kind of (pretending to take this seriously) care when bigots publicly rally hatred against my fellow atheists. I should have prefaced this blog with: this shit isn't new. In fact, this is older than dirt. It's the age old story of brainless mob versus those terrible nonbelievers. How dare they, those godless heathens, stand up to my beliefs and all powerful, invisible BFF.

If you haven't see the quotes, you can view them here: ( As you can see, there are some great minds at work. My favorite one is probably:
 "these people are f'ing scum of the earth. can we start killing them now? few groups are filled with more hatred than atheists." 
Obvious hypocrite is obvious, however, we aren't a fucking group! We are all anomalies, I guess, because we don't have any beliefs in a deity. But when are people going to stop treating atheism as some sort of organization? We all have different interests, views, ideologies, and morals. I'm not in the non-stamp-collector camp, either. I'll fully admit that not doing something mostly everyone does warrants remarking but not grouping. All you can deduce by my atheism is that I remain unconvinced of the validity of your religious texts or god concepts.

For me, these comments seem rooted in fear: Either the fear of not pleasing your god by appearing apathetic or of my rationality and mental prowess — which you damn well should! Fear me Christians; I bring facts and logic: the forbidden fruit knowledge!

Anyways, all of those douche nozzles, who ran their mouths, went into E-hiding because they are so tough. I know, empty threats are empty. Obviously, you can't take people on the internet seriously even when they post homicidal fantasies indirectly targeting you. And this is just a small sample of everything that was said there; I didn't get to this story until today.

In Conclusione:

I'm unimpressed with your flaunting of savagery and barbarism via Internet posts. You're all tell and no show, and that's poor writing. I'm not afraid of you or any mythological beings. My life as an atheist is immeasurably more valuable to me than a waiting room. I'm sorry, but everyone dies even if they don't. The more experiences you have, the more you'll change. And eventually, that original person who was fearing death doesn't even exist anymore. You're a product of experience and memory; that is a dynamic system with perceived consciousness as its end result.

I remember being 12 years old and fearing the concept of death. That boy does not exist anymore. All the vital memories to his personality have been replaced; his body is different: His atoms literally recycled, and his life isn't the same. If I was wrong, then colleges would be deeply interested in your kindergarten grades. They aren't, and you're going to die someday even if you're immortal.


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