Sunday, May 29, 2011

Katy Perry's ET Song Really Creeps Me Out

This is a song that can really get stuck in your head. That's probably because it's essentially the same sounding song as t.A.T.u.'s 2000 hit, "All the Things She Said." They both are played in C# Mixolydian, in the key of C minor, and are in 4/4 with similar tempos. The largest differences between the two, aside from the lyrics, are "ET's" breakdowns (where we are tortured with the uninventive and outright creepy rapping of Kanye West) and the use of acoustic, non triggered drums and real guitar in t.A.T.u.'s track

The Music Video and Lyrics

The music video starts out with Kanye talking about how awesome he is. It then shortly cuts to Roger from "American Dad" in one of his typical drag outfits—lip-syncing to the song's main verse. The video itself is well shot and even the effects of weightless Kanye look cool, but I can't believe what I'm hearing. 

At one point, one has to ask the question: What do terms like different DNA actually mean? Essentially, it means you'll have more genetically in common with a polar bear than an extraterrestrial. Maybe you like having sex with polar bears; I don't know. I do know that you'd probably have a better time with them than aliens. Don't make me illustrate it! Contrary to the Gene Roddenberry mythos, it's highly unlikely that aliens would look like bikini models painted green. With all that said, that's not even the low point of the song.

Suck me beautiful!

The low point is when alien Kanye openly talks about abducting and raping women. I guess this is kosher when you're slamming back pan galactic gargle blasters. I'm not saying this is serious business, and I do understand that it's just a song; it's just really fucking creepy. This could be on the soundtrack to a Japanese tentacle monster hentai!

 "Imma disrobe you; then Imma probe you. See—I abducted you. So, I tell you what to do."
 Are we so self involved as a species that we don't picture aliens as actually being alien? I realize that this has happened in some of the greatest science fiction works ever, but they had context. In "Star Trek," life was seeded across the cosmos. Without that context, it's just a song about an alien donkey show. And I'll pass on the auditory interspecies erotica ... for now.


  1. A terrible video by a terrible pop star with a terrible guest spot. Bitch can't even get pop music right.

    -Lady Gaga