Saturday, November 10, 2012

Anti-Americanism in America

By now, everyone should know our president will be Barack Obama for the next four years. And not really surprisingly, many people are vehemently upset about this. I am, however, not one of them. But what really has gotten under my skin is the intense bullshit that I've been subjected to. We as Americans need to take an honest look in the mirror, and consider this blog it.


This was the biggest issue for the voters. Everywhere I look, I see consumers. Hell, more things exist to buy than ever before in our history. And the biggest complaints of this election involve American jobs being outsourced and stuff no longer being made here. Don't get me wrong, these are very valid concerns and have been devastating to our economy, but the corporations don't get all the blame for this.

We're the ones always looking for the sale, the lowest possible prices, and refusing to pay more for products that we've become accustomed to getting for much cheaper than they should reasonably cost. The culture we've created doesn't just feed outsourcing, it forced it to happen! Our own greed made our monoliths of industry resort to this just to stay competitive. This trend will only continue to snowball unless you make the change within yourself and put a larger value on a "made in America" sticker. But I do think we're finally beginning to do this.

The State of the Economy:

I'm not going to quote a bunch of charts, stats, or figures. Never once has this ever shut anyone up that I've argued with. And nobody really cares how much better things have gotten for other people that aren't them. Americans are just way too narcissistic for that; let's not kid ourselves. But all signs point toward recovery. We've all been through a lot, but it looks like we're probably going to be OK. But if you want to be better than OK, see above.

It's a Two Party System:

I hear this lament every election. While it's true the names haven't changed, it's absurd to think that the two haven't changed at all. The democratic party sounds more progressive and liberal every single election, and the republican party seems to be more reactionary and religious than ever. It really feels more and more like the Liberal party vs the Tea Party every four years. Granted, representing the blue or the red gives you a massive advantage for funding your campaigning, but with social media and Internet news sites taking over our lives, it's never been better to be a third party. Ross Perot would have given his left nut for something like this.

And another thing, despite whatever we want a presidential election to be, it is first and foremost a popularity contest. And candidates policies, be they bad, good, or even better than what we have now, are only relevant if they can get people agree with them. This is part of what being a leader is. And having been, many a time, the smartest person in the room, I can tell you that it's not enough to get people to do the best thing.

But another limiting factor in relevant party choices could also be that followers of third parties tend to be really condescending and have superiority complexes. Many believe because they listen to podcasts, fringe radio shows, or go to sites like Infowars, that they're the only really informed ones and are above being manipulated by "the media." Everyone else are just tools and sheep. I can't imagine why that mentality doesn't convince people that you give a shit about them.

And for some strange reason, I'm an idiot for not believing that several policies which reflect a 19th century, post revolutionary, France would magically fix all of our current, 21st century economical and social issues! Here is an idea drones, actually study politics and history before parroting this crap.

Conspiracies and Propaganda:

I'm not seeing intelligent conversations and valid criticisms being lodged at the president. What I'm seeing borders on hate speech, shallowness, and general malcontent. I don't have a problem with people not agreeing with him. Hell, I even agreed with some of Romney's criticisms, but I do have a problem when you vilify our leader. Trust me; I'm no Javert from Les Miserables. But you better have some damn good evidence and logic to justify that crap. If not, show the man at least a modicum of respect, and stop acting like a degenerate.

Also, I'm sick of reading about how our government is the most evil institution on planet Earth and is using Orwell's 1984 as an instruction manual. Have you ever read 1984? I doubt it, and I'm pretty damn sure you read very little of anything. The book is an exploration of solipsism, relativism, and human nature. And scale isn't something you just toss out the window to make an analogy fit. Yeah, the government has the power to record video and audio, and so does everyone with a camera or a cell phone — big whoop.

Whats' that? I haven't convinced you yet. Then go ahead and try to write a book about the normal, daily life of a person in our current society. Maybe you can start with the main character waking up and going to their job where they spend half the time complaining about stuff on Facebook. Then our character will come home to their one bedroom apartment and watch CSI Miami on their 50 inch HD TV.

And maybe if things get really interesting, they might even play some Call of Duty Same Ops or go to a gym! Then he or she will eventually get hungry and order Chinese delivery for dinner, which may or may not lead into finishing the night off with Internet porn and a tub of Ben and Jerry's. My god, the horror! Just get over it already; America isn't as bad as you want it to be. It's far from perfect, and there needs to be some serious changes, but you don't live in "best" Korea!

And all of those conspiracy theorists you follow with all of their top-secret insider information can't seem to get anything right, ever! E.g., swine flu was supposed to be the next black plague created by the Illuminati to cut down 3/4 of the Earth's population! George Bush was going to get a third term, they were going to alter the constitution so Arnold Schwarzenegger could eventually become the next president, etc.

Conclusion provided by John Cleese:

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